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Ever pictured yourself in a perfect setting, but simply could not bring it to life or even put it into words? If so, you have come to the right place. At XForms Designs & Visualizations, our team specializes in Concept Design and Visualization.
Since January 2016, our growing team has been exploring clients’ tastes, characters, and behaviors to help them Design and visualize that perfect setting. Whether it be residential or commercial, our team guarantees a setting reflective of the client’s character, habits, and interests.
Our client base spans across the Middle East including architectural offices and interior design studios. We have reached out even further to clients and companies looking to visualize a product design. Our team is capable of designing anything your heart desires – from a table, to a bed, or even that perfect diamond ring….you name it, we visualize it for you.
At XForms, our team of industry-leading experts create designs from scratch for 3D visualizations, as well as simple visualizations using still images, animations, and simulations. Our services cater to both residential and commercial projects. If you have that perfect drawing or mood-board, and you want to bring it to life before making a large investment, we are your perfect match.

Mr. Mohamed El-Bashtely, Architect – at a Glance.

Founder and Managing Partner of XForms, Mr. Mohamed El-Bashtely brings 12 years of architectural experience to the XForms studio. In 2007, El-Bashtely obtained a Bachelor of Engineering, specializing in Architecture, from the Modern Academy in Maadi. For the next 6 years, El-Bashtely embarked on his journey as a Teacher’s Assistant for architectural design and visual courses at the Academy, while maintaining an Engineering position at the International Center for Consultant’s Engineer (ICCE). Later in 2013, El-Bashtely accepted a position as a Senior Architect at EVIC Engineering Consulting, where he was leading a team of architects.

2014 was a turning point in El-Bashtely’s career where he was managing an architectural studio, “El Fekra”, for three years. Throughout his professional tenure, El-Bashtely had simultaneously managed various freelancing projects, even beyond the borders of Egypt, which led him to the idea and inception of XForms Designs and Visualizations in 2016.

El-Bashtely’s bottom line is client satisfaction. At the heart of his success is the balancing of time, quality, and costs in order to not only satisfy our clients, but exceed their expectations. His patience, honesty, attention to detail, and professionalism are what draw the clients to him. He brings to life what the client can only imagine. El-Bashtely’s patience allows him to bring forth his talent to visualize a client’s concept based on his knowledge of their character, interests, likes and dislikes. Music and drawing have always been a part of his life hence his limitless creativity and imagination.

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